Tips to ATTEND

When is this awesome event?

The Mount Dora Spring Festival of Arts and Crafts will be held on March 16 & 17, 2024 from 9am-5pm

Where is the festival held?

The festival is held on the streets of the historic walking district of downtown Mount Dora, Florida. You can GPS 341 Alexander St, Mount Dora, FL to get close to the event. Once you see the barricades and tents, you know you have arrived.

Is there an Entry Fee?

No, the event is FREE to attend

Is it Pet Friendly?

Well behaved pets are allowed at the event but you are encouraged to leave Fido at home. The streets can get crowded and your dog may become uncomfortable. Some visitors are intimidated by dogs so be considerate of how your dog might be perceived by others. We want everyone to have a good experince at the event.

What else will there be besides Artist & Crafter booths?

There will be face painting for kids, wine tasting for adults, great festival food vendors and some surprising entertainment throughout the event on both Saturday and Sunday. Beer, wine and cocktails can be purchased at kiosks or local restaurants and carried around the event area.


The easiest way to get to and from the event is to take the hassle free shuttle. Shuttles run from 900 Lincoln Ave (Corner of Lincoln Ave and Highland St)  Sat and Sun 9AM-5:30PM Any proceeds collected benefit Kiwanis.

Parking lots

Public parking can be found across the street from 1st Methodist Church at 439 E 5th Ave, Mt Dora, FL 32757.  The lot is small so look around for residents parking cars in their yards. They typically charge around $10 per car and its worth it to get closer to the event. 

Is there HC parking available?

Yes there will be HC parking behind City Hall at 510 N.Baker St.  Spaces are limited. Your chances are better on Sundays or late in the day.

2024 Artists

Abel Joyce Pet Sewing 304
Adams Laura Wearable hats A155
Adams Karen Resin craft 452
Afrerink Brent Art original 307
Aguila Harmony Jewelry flowers D104
Algorri Jennifer  Glass garden B164
Allen Aksamitova Tess Metal wire art D204
Allen Aksamitova Tess Metal wire art D205
Aphrodite Aphrodite Art original B158
Appetit Frelih FT Zelijka FV Greek P22 P23
Banks Cheryl Food craft jams B167
Baqueros Katihuska Plants B150
Baqueros Katihuska Plants B151
Barrenchea Richard Art original 350
Bauman Phil Food craft brittle B163
Blaylock Angela Sponsor 100
Bonnigson June Clay/Ceramic 301
Bowman Jenny Jewelry metal D259
Bradshaw Dalene Plants B251
Brasells Tracy Wearable cork 455
Bridgman Debra Mixed media 453
Brisbin Susan Sponsor D201
Brosious Charles Jewelry wire A265
Bross Joy FV Ice cream E
Brown Tracie Mixed media A153
Camacho Guzman Kevin Pet treats A259
Campbell Oriana Sponsor S4
Carr Zoey Art original A260
Cease Heather Candles 201
Chang Yian Felt art 409
Chang Gao Wayne  Clay/Ceramic D101
Cheslow Debbie Pet sewing 404
Cofini Jennifer Mixed craft faux 457
Cook Jim Jo Metal sprinklers G
Copeland Laurie Jewelry craft D251
Cornell Mike Leather belts D155
Cosner Terri Glass windchimes A203
COX COX Sponsor S2
COX COX Sponsor S3
Cutco Cutco Sponsor 101
 Dabrowski   Mike   Candles  A107
Damohn Mark Author D257
Davenport Dan Metal alum 357
Davenport Dan Metal alum 358
Dawson Triamjai Clay/Ceramic B155
Delaney Zydra Wood HH A208
Delaney Zydra Wood HH A209
Digiacomo Charlotte Metal garden A255
Duffy Dale FV Salted Fry 151
Elder Scott Renee  Parachord 203
Elias Donna Art original B161
Elias Donna Art original B162
Erickson Tony Wood carved B252
Ernst Dean Food craft candy 211
Erving Brandon FV Coffee F
Evans David Metal windchime 110
Fearon Sheril Sponsor S7
Fearon Sheril Sponsor S8
Ferry Chrysti Signs A200
Filippone Rebecca Mixed media 200
Fisher Michelle Mixed craft 352
Fisher Michelle Mixed craft 353
Fisk Judy Alan Wearable D150
Fisk Judy Alan Wearable D151
Fitzgerald Denise  Sea glass art A254
Fleckenstein Anna Candles A215
Flesner Gary Wood turned 411
Formato John Metal RR spikes D152
Formato John Metal RR spikes D153
Fox Erin  Wood scroll  A112 
Fraser Lucy Glass flowers S1
Garner Katherine Glass fused B256
Geist Samantha Wearable costume 450
Gerstorff Joshua Wood HH D256
Glapinski Tina wreaths B254
Gloeker Robert Jewelry organic 458
Gonzalez Matthew Art original A201
Goulbourne Mervina FV Sea Glam P14 P15
Green Kim Photography A150
Greenfield Cristina Clay/Ceramic  A202 
Guilhem Elizabeth Jewelry filigree B263
Hamilton Andy Metal repurposed B264
Hamilton Andy Metal repurposed B265
Heather Altman John Miles Food craft pecans 361
Hemmen John Wood crates 204
Hernandez Walter FV Mango King J
Hernandez George Photography D261
Hershey Lyric Food craft soups 302
Hill Nancy Sewing B156
Hill Nancy Sewing B157
Hines Tyler Merida Wearable hats A204
Holzman Jeannine Wearable silk 406
Horski Sophia/Andrew Jewelry amber A258
Houchin Denise  Sponsor S5
Hughes Sondra Wearable neck ties 252
Husser Heidi Clay/Ceramic A263
Huter Erik FV Lemonade H
Huter Erik Wood chainsaw A160
Huter Erik Wood chainsaw A161
Hyde Gretchen Glass stained 107
Iatchkov Evgueni Wood scroll 104
Iatchkov Evgueni Wood scroll 105
Ibbetson Mary FV Kettle Korn M
Iglesias Percy Roger Jewelry ear  260
Jamieson Leah Wearable aprons D215
Javar Rudy Food craft sauce 456
Jenney Sandra Curtis Clay/Ceramic A100
Johnson Lisa Food craft maple 311
Jones Paulette Crochet A101
Jones Paulette Crochet A102
Julao Arlyne Author D250
Kaiser Kim Food craft cheese straws B253
Karavasilis Alexandro FV Yeero dreams P24 P25
Kazi Tasmin Wearable hair twist 255
Kazi Tsmin Wearable hair twist 256
Kersey Christina Resin craft A110
Kershner Sandy Jewelry craft A253
Krauss Nathan Jewelry craft 210
Lalumiere Cathy Pet sewing D107
Lane Ruth Jewelry toe B153
Langelier Kristen Wearable pancho 258
Larson Laurie Wreaths A103
Larson Laurie Wreaths A104
Latil Yria Jewelry craft D260
Lee Gloria Art original 212
Leising Alan Metal copper 103
Leon Jeff Butterfly art 359
Lyon Jane Jewelry cast metal A108
M Birmingham Angelete Mixed media A261
Macgregor Kristie Jewelry crochet bead D254
Macgregor Kristie Jewelry crochet bead D255
MacQueen Cathy Art original 460
Maestas Marie Jewelry beads 305
Manning Rhonda Jewelry aluminum D159
Mannix Michael Food craft vanilla D161
Manosalva Edgardo Plants B255
Marino Scott Art original D209
Matwijow Nosal Jennifer Paper craft 412
McCory Trish Wearable tops A154
McCostlin Jeanne Mixed media D156
McCostlin Jeanne Mixed media D157
Mckinney Barbara Mixed crafts 209
McMullen William Craft records D110
McMullen William Craft records D111
Messer Phillip Food craft fudge A213
Meyer Luliana Clay/Ceramic 360
Micenec Dee Craft planters A151
Miranda Beth Clay/Ceramic 109
Moeggenberg Judy Metal scroll 250
Moeggenberg Judy Metal scroll 251
Moore Ashley Food craft dips 354
Moore Ashley Food craft dips 355
Moore Camille Food craft honey B152
More Rich Food craft jalepeno A262
Motsinger Madelyn Clocks, jewelry 261
Mutkus Lysette Wearable hair wrap 259
Northcutt Mark Wood HH 306
Oliva Nancy Jewelry craft A251
Oliva Sandy Pet Sewing A252
Orser Georgia  Plants 262
Orser Georgia  Plants 263
Pace Migdalia Art original A205
Parker Amy Candles D106
Patrizzi Ken Wood scroll B159
Patrizzi Ken Wood scroll B160
Patterson Mike Glass garden D262
Pearce Xiubo Clay/Ceramic D258
Pendl Joel Art original 401
Perez Luis Jewelry leather 405
Pigue Danielle Sew coosies A105
Pigue Danielle Sew coosies A106
Pizzinni Gerri Jewelry beads D202
Pizzinni Gerri Jewelry beads D203
Pizzo Anthony FV Americana P10 P12
Pollock Dan Jan  Wood turned 356
Prince Tiffany Wood HH 451
Quilters Quilters Quilt 254
Quinlin Valerie Sew coosies 309
Quinlin Valerie Sew coosies 310
Radloff Mary Ellen Glass fused 300
Ramsden Judy Hilda Sew HH 303
Reatgui Mia FV Arepas N
Reed Sheila Plants  A111 
Reusser Jack Wood crosses D158
Ricker Brandi Mixed craft 207
Rini Joseph Sponsor 312
Rocco Rick   D162
Rocco Rick   D163
Rosa Sasha Food craft candy B259
Rosa Sasha Food craft candy B260
Roy Connie Mixed media B154
Ruby Donna Pet treats 257
Rummel Jon Wood pine 407
Rupersburg Dawn Wearable tiedye 108
Saraiva Nikki Metal copper A158
Savino Carl Food craft green sauce 308
Schauman Sandy Hammock chairs 454
Schmidt Russ Wood Barrel D264
Schmidt Russ Wood Barrel D265
Schwemin Traci Food craft nuts A264
Shaw Susan Sew HH 253
Shellhammer James Food craft olives A256
Smith Jacki Sponsor A159
Sollecito Greg Bath Body 205
Sonne Marvin Wood HH 459
Soriano Ricardo Butterfly Art B262
Stack Jessica Wood HH 402
Stankiewicz Arielle Wearable fascinators D213
Steele Shelley Food craft tea 403
Stephens T Food craft cake D103
Sullivan Kristin Sponsor S6
Sutphin Dee Jewelry glass A156
Thomas Lora Bob Clay/Ceramic D211
Thomas Lora Bob Clay/Ceramic D212
Thomsen Sarah Wax food wraps 206
Tomlinson Christie Wearable tutu D108
Tomlinson Christie Wearable tutu D109
Valera Smith Oralba Wearable shoes D252
Vaughan Tim Art original 102
Vigoa Miriam Food craft olive oil D208
Walsh Fran FV Bread D100
Warrren Stacey Sponsor 400
Weinrab Barbara Jewelry 410
Wells Barbara Jewelry fine fab D207
Weltmer Ron Wood PO box 351
Westfall Kim  Clay/Ceramic 106
Wild Joseph Photography A257
Wilkinson Lori Wood mosaic A207
Wills Margaret Wearable bags 213
Windham Brittney Food craft baked B166
Wisniewski Lori Jewelry steampunk D214
Yancy Sharon Mixed craft B258
Young Melissa Wood flowers B261
Zah Eugene Craft nail files A214